Ida Silverwing
Ida Silverwing.png
Species / Race Griffon
Born Sunburn
Age 23
Family Kasimir (Father), Amalia (Mother), Jade (Adoptive Sister)
Occupation Mechanic (in Sunburn)

Ida is a small and thin griffoness who views herself in many ways as the antithesis of what most expect a griffon to be. She considers this to be a good thing and wants to distance herself and the image of griffons from the stereotype as being good for little more than a fight, which she does by applying her diverse technical and medical knowledge wherever she can.

Life History

Born and raised in Sunburn, Ida spent most of her life in the little city under the care of her parents Kasimir Longtalons and Amalia Silverwing. That all changed one day in her early adulthood when Contrail and Jade decided to leave Sunburn to find a life for themselves elsewhere, and she has been striving to improve the world ever since.

Early Life

Ida was hatched two years after the Day of Sunshine and Rainbooms, during which time her parents were still serving in the NCR's Airborne. They were stationed near Sunburn at the time, and when Amalia produced an egg the two decided to not renew for future tours with the NCR. While still incubating the egg, the two settled in Sunburn and took up local positions in the community while they waited for their griffawn to hatch.

In her youth, Ida was a reserved but inquisitive griffawn. There weren't many other griffons in Sunburn, so she only made the occasional pony acquaintance growing up. Instead, she spent most of her time tinkering with scrap (or the family's few functional appliances) or helping her parents out at their workplaces. For a long time she assumed that she would eventually join her mother as a mechanic, but over the years her interests slowly drifted toward medicine and learning to be a doctor like her father. Throughout her teenage years she bounced back and forth between the two, learning a lot about both disciplines and spending a lot of time helping both.

Although Ida never had much in the way of a rebellious streak, there were times that she didn't always follow her parents' example or directions. Due to their time in Fillydelphia, neither of her parents were keen on Ida learning the truth about the city and what they'd helped happen. Kasimir in particular told her that she shouldn't read the story of the Lightbringer, because he knew its contents would tell her too much about the old world that was gone, and about Fillydelphia. As a curious griffawn, Ida couldn't help herself, and true to tradition, being told not to read it was the fastest way to convince her to do so. Fortunately for the older griffons, the editing of the story by the Lightbringer's cult ensured that she never learned all of the gruesome details of the wastelands, and the two were never mentioned directly.

She gave the two much more grief over her fleeting love interests as a teenager. Since there were few griffons in the city and far fewer her age and of the opposite gender, her attention eventually fell on Baldur Ripbeak. Baldur was a young griffon and the son of an NCR airborne veteran, and although he had reasonably good manners most of the time, he was a closet alcoholic and could become violent when drunk. One night he lashed out and hit Ida, and when word got back to her parents they didn't stop until he'd been run out of town at gunpoint.

Ida never really had much interest in romance after that, especially since her fling with Baldur was largely out of convenience in the first place, and she spent the next few years of her life quietly studying and working with her parents again.

Adventuring in the World

Some years later, Ida learned of others in town who were looking to leave to find their own place in the world. She hadn't ever had much of an adventuring spirit, but at her mother's encouraging she decided to join Contrail and Jade on their journey to Vanhoover.


Ida would never be the same after she and her friends traveled to Whinnyapolis to return Crystal Diode to the Steel Rangers and recover Fluttershy. It was here that she saw the grim truth of the war between the rangers and NCR, and the inconceivable lengths the Steel Rangers would go to in order to ensure loyalty in their desperate and losing battle. During their stay, she and the Followers of the Apocalypse discovered the extent of the scheme to implant the ranger initiates with kill devices, and attempted to remove them during the confusion brought on by an attack from the NCR.

Unfortunately, they weren't able to remove all of the devices in time. Buckminster caught on to their plan and attempted to regain control, but triggered the devices instead. In all 7 foals were killed, and Ida sank into despair.

Determined to get revenge, if not necessarily make things right, she joined up with Top Mark and infiltrated the stable where Buckminster was orchestrating an attack on the hospital in an attempt to cover up what he'd done. She shot and killed him, then recovered his PipBuck to end the charade and signal jam that prevented her from informing the Steel Rangers about what had truly happened.



Returning Home

After declining to become one of the Followers of the Apocalypse, Ida chose to return to Sunburn.


While most griffons are considerably larger and heavier than the average pony, Ida is small for her species and stands about level with a typical pony mare. She is very thin, with spindly limbs and little muscle, and is almost comically weak for a griffon.

Ida's color spectrum could be described simply as gray scale, ranging from white to gray to black. Her feathers are predominantly white, but speckled with gray near the tips. Her coat is a silvery gray as well, and her claws, beak and the tip of her tail are all black. Her eyes are a bright gold. The feathers on the back of her head naturally grow long, but she doesn't style them specially in any way, preferring to let them just hang simply.

Since she has always preferred to focus on work that gets her extraordinarily dirty, she has never found much use for makeup or frilly clothing, and prefers to just appear as she is.

Although she had managed to avoid any serious dings in her young life as a mechanic and occasional nurse, she has suffered several injuries during her travels outside of Sunburn that have left permanent scars. Worst are the chemical burns on her right foreleg from the kill device removed from Crystal Diode, but she also has several faint gunshot scars, mostly removed by healing potions.


After growing up in the care of two ex-Talon mercenaries, and with interests leaning toward technical fields, Ida is reserved and a bit antisocial. She works best by herself and when forced into social situations she prefers to let others guide the conversation. Extended periods of socializing can leave her drained, and she will retire to seclusion to read or write to recharge.

Nevertheless, Ida is kind and caring, and thinks it is incredibly important to strive for peace and to help anyone in need if she can. She would never turn away anyone who is sick or injured, and is always happy to help someone out for a chance to tinker with a piece of broken technology. She doesn't have many true friends, but would do anything to help them however she can. Disappointing or hurting them is one of the things that hurt her the most.

She also cares a lot for her parents, even if she has a hard time voicing it. Her parents never showered her with affection, but they love each other all the same. She is aware of the reputation of the Talon mercenaries however, and the fact that her parents worked in Fillydelphia, and despite all of that she is quick to defend her parents from anyone who would imply they are or were ever monsters like Red Eye.


Ida is well versed in several technical disciplines including mechanics, electronics and a bit of spell matrix theory and maintenance. While in Sunburn she practiced these skills often, helping her mother to repair many broken down pieces of machinery or the occasional toaster for the locals.

She is also knowledgeable about medicine in many capacities, although she specializes mostly in primary care and first aid. She doesn't have the breadth of knowledge to work extensively with pharmaceuticals or to perform invasive procedures on her own, and even when she worked with her father she acted more as a nurse than a doctor.

Outside of fixing machinery and ponies, she is a surprisingly good shot. She practiced on occasion with her mother and has a keen eye for it, although she doesn't have the experience to be a sharpshooter in any capacity.